FAQ's for Non-Profit Shoppers:

Q: We noticed that our order is comprised of donations from a few different companies. What do we do now?

A: Each company will contact you within 5 business days to arrange for pick-up/delivery unless otherwise noted.

Q: Do we need to issue a tax receipt for what we receive?

A: If a tax receipt is required it will specifically say on that product’s details page.

Q: What do we need to do after we receive the donation?

A: A shoutout on social media would be very helpful (a picture gets you bonus points)! facbook.com/DeliverGood or twitter.com/DeliverGood

Q: What if an item that we receive doesn’t fit in our space.

A: We require that all our donations include measurements. Please make sure the item will fit as we have a no-return policy. If the donor included incorrect dimensions you may contact them directly.

Q: Will there be limits on the quantity of items that I can request?

A: Some items do have limits based on available inventory. Limits are listed in the description for each item. The system will let you know if you’ve requested too many.

Q: An item I saw on the catalogue is no longer there?

A: Requests are on a first-come first-served basis. Once an item is out of stock it is automatically no longer available on the catalogue.

Q: Can I update or modify my request?

A: Please contact us directly if you wish to modify your request.

Q: My charity is replacing our furniture with these donations. What should we do with our old stuff?

A: Most of the time the furniture that is being replaced is either very old or not in great condition. Please look for an environmentally responsible local recycling option.