Top 10 Reasons Businesses Use DeliverGood

  1. Your business has stuff to donate. (whether it’s 3 filing cabinets or 25 floors or furniture or equipment)
  2. You’re looking for an efficient and affordable way to manage the donation of your products.
  3. You want hundreds of non-profits to be notified that you just added your products.
  4. You would like simple inventory management.
  5. You don’t want to deal with dozens of emails from randoms about your products that are already donated.
  6. DeliverGood has managed thousands of donations.
  7. You’d rather see your items help a non-profit than help fill up a landfill.
  8. You’d like a record of where each item went.
  9. You’re just a small-town girl, livin’ in a lonely world.
  10. You know it will be a pain in the $$$ to manage your donations without DeliverGood!

Delivergood Stats

Over 18000 items donated in two years
Average 1 truckload per day of diversion
$100's of thousands in charity budgets freed up
Fastest project -> 5000 donated items in 46 min
2038 tonnes diverted in 2 years
100's of tonnes of metal recycled
  • This will be used as your store (where you donate your items) display name